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All attendees of our seminars automatically receive incentives when they give us the opportunity to help them with any of our services.

Our Services

Serendipity’s Empowerment Team offers free non binding consultations and educational resources to all of our Florida and Georgia communities, with educational seminars for buyers of all kinds and dedicated to all communities.

Resources and Education on mortgage loans, home purchases and refinancing of residential properties

Asesoría y Educación Financiera / Financial Counseling and Education

At the time of acquiring your property, or looking for a mortgage loan, you can count our team of experts, will help you and educate you so that to get the best terms, such as better rates, etc, and will help you with the process. We are certified in real estate and all housing professionals. Therefore, we will provide you with a service dedicated to what you are looking for according to your goals or needs.

We will provide solutions for any doubts or questions that you may have, and we will accompany you from the beginning to the end of the process. We have mortgage knowledge for the entire real estate market. Our goal as services providers is to be able to reach the largest number of families in Central Florida and Georgia. Offering and delivering a mortgage adapted to each situation. We want our users to have the confidence that their mortgage purposes are in good hands.

purchase and sale Service of residential properties in the States of Florida and Georgia

Our goal is to help you and facilitate the process of acquiring your home. We are dedicated to real estate consulting and real estate services. This is why we provide you with all the resources and detailed information about buying and selling residential properties.

During this process, we take care of verifying the documentation of the property that is going to be sold or acquired to certify that it meets all the regulatory requirements and thus avoid setbacks at the time of purchase or sale. We advise you on all the procedures so that the entire process is carried out smoothly, and that our users feel comfortable choosing us again when carrying out any real estate management.

Servicios Inmobiliarios de compra y venta de propiedades / Real Estate Services

Insurance services for property, auto, mortgage and business protection

Servicios de seguros para propiedades / Property insurance services

We also have a team specialized in coverage and insurance policies, with which you can protect your property, car, or business against any eventuality that may affect the well-being of your assets and therefore, that of your entire family.

Having insurance for your property or assets is not mandatory, unless they depend on a mortgage, so it is important that you know that if you have decided to start this stage of acquiring a property or car through a loan, either If you want to protect your investment, you must necessarily take out insurance that covers mainly fire or theft.

We help you protect your property and assets, in the face of any eventuality, at all times.

Residential title insurance services, purchase, sale and refinancing

Properties typically represent a large investment and new property owners always want to protect the money they invested in their property. One of the fundamental things that owners want to protect is the rights to their property. Therefore, it is important to do a property title search and purchase title insurance in case anything goes wrong or goes missing during the search. You may be able to protect your investment with title insurance.

This title insurance prevents property owners from incurring financial loss due to a title-related problem. Most banks require mortgage applicants to have title insurance prior to issuing the mortgage, so that they can ensure that their interest in the property will be respected if something goes wrong. Real estate buyers should conduct a title search and purchase title insurance to ensure that the purchase of the property is protected.

Servicios de seguro de títulos residenciales / Residential Titles Insurance Services